HB COMMUNITY: How Humble Beast CrossFit Member, Sundar Swaminathan, Finds Balance and Motivation Between Traveling

Constant traveling can take a major toll on your training and nutrition. We caught up with Humble Beast member, Sundar Swaminathan, who through HB, has made improvements in his eating habits and found a community he can rely on to motivate him to get into the box!


Where are you originally from? What brought you to Washington, DC? 

I was born in India, but moved to the States when I was 1 and have been in the Northeast most of my life. My parents still live in Philadelphia, but I went to college in Pittsburgh and then bounced between NYC and DC for work. I'm currently moving to Boston for my fiancé’s last semester in business school and we're unsure about where we'll end up. 


What do you do for a living? 

I lead Rider Acquisition Analytics for the US/Canada. It's my job to acquire Uber Riders through various marketing channels in the most efficient way possible. I love Marketing Analytics especially for B2C companies and am always happy to chat more about Uber and my job. I bought a condo here two and a half years ago and hope I can eventually end up back in DC and at Humble Beast!


How did you first hear about Humble Beast? 

I've been at HB for a little over two years now. I was never able to work out consistently on my own and I figured I would try out CrossFit because I had exhausted everything else. Also, HB had good Yelp reviews. ☺


What is your sports background? 

I grew up playing sports and played soccer in high school. Throughout college, I played a ton of intramural sports and probably averaged two hours a day playing basketball. I still love playing sports and wish I could get on the court more often!


What changes have you seen since training at HB? 

I lost about 15 pounds a year ago and the nice thing is that I've been able to keep off the weight! In addition, my cardio has significantly improved. I haven't seen as many physical changes as I'd like, because I'm always traveling and never get to come in as often as I want to. With moving to Boston, I'm excited to keep following Jeff's distance programming and hope that I can dedicate more consistent time to working out. I've also made improvements in my diet and nutrition thanks to Lindsay! I'm more conscious of what I eat and have cut out some of the poor habits I used to have. 



What has being a part of the HB community meant to you?

To me, being a part of the HB community has allowed me to change my relationship with working out. I used to loathe working out and now I get antsy when I go on vacation and don't get to work out for a few days. A large part of this is because of the people at HB who feel like they genuinely want to see you succeed. The coaches are passionate about what they do and the other people I work out with are simply good people. There really are no egos and it's nice to have a safe space to work out in. Big shout out to Lindsay and Jeff who have formed this unique place that allows people of all ages, skill levels, and comfort levels to thrive at their own pace. It really has been life changing!