CAL (Capital Affiliate League) insight from our Humble Beasts'

I asked the CAL members to give me a recap of their experience thus far.  Three weeks in and this is what Claire M. has to say:

Hey Humble Beasts!

Just wanted to catch you guys up on all the hard work we completed over the last 5 weeks during the Capital Affiliate League!  I thought I’d just give you a preview of what we have been doing every Saturday and also my experience doing CAL.  

First and foremost – A huge thank you to those that showed support during the League! Many of you I don’t know, but your support definitely helped me to feel a part of the HB Fam!

CAL Competition:

So, every week was comprised of 2-3 races with 4 people participating in each race.   Usually they were some sort of AMRAP race between 12-15 minutes.  Here was the set up for the last week we did.

Race 1: Double- Double: 15 minute, 3 sector AMRAP

4 Athletes participate with only 2 Athletes on the floor at a time.  There will be two stations within each sector and the work must be complete at each station before moving on to the next sector. Once all work is complete in sector 1, athletes move on to sector 2, and so on. If a team completes all work in all 3 sectors in less than 15 minutes, they will return to the beginning of the AMRAP.  Score is total reps completed.

Sector 1:

30 Squat Clean - EACH STATION


Sector 2:

Med-ball Knee-ups – EACH STATION

Sector 3:

90 Front Rack Lunges - EACH STATION


Race 2: Team Effort, 12 minute, 3 sector AMRAP

4 Athletes participate with only 2 Athletes on the floor at a time.  Athletes will complete Sector 1 before moving to Sector 2.  Athletes can work up until the 12 minute mark in sector 3. If a team completes all work in all 3 sectors in less than 12 minutes, they will return to sector 1.  Score is total number of reps completed in 12 minutes.  

Sector 1:

200 Double Unders

30 Squat Snatch + OHS


Sector 2:  

150 Double Unders

20 Squat Snatch + OHS


Sector 3:

100 Double Unders

10 Squat Snatch + OHS


My Experience/Thoughts/Lessons Learned:

Speaking as a newbie to Crossfit, or maybe I should just speak for myself, it was a great way to dive head first into this new journey for me. I don’t know about anyone else on the team but I definitely had a bit of self-doubt doing a competition with only 4 months of CF under my belt. I constantly had to remind myself that while we are in a competition with other teams, the experience of being part of a team and challenging myself were the reasons I signed up, not necessarily to win.

The overall atmosphere of the competition was great. The other competitors were sportsmanlike and supportive.  Maybe I just played female sports for so long, but that was definitely unexpected! Not to get too corny, but I felt pretty fortunate to be on a team with such great athletes that constantly pushed me to do better whether they knew it or not, haha.

It was also nice to look around and realize that I am definitely in a great Crossfit gym (box?!). One of the things I noticed at the first competition was terrible form! Deadlifts where a part of our first race and I was certain that someone was going to break their back.  Not to speak down on any other gyms (because what the heck do I know) but pretty sure I’d get a stern talking to from the coaches if they saw me breaking my back to get a few more reps. It was just a reminder that there is definitely something special at Humble Beast!

I think my biggest lesson from this competition was learning it’s okay to fail. Fail doesn't even seem like the right word.  One of my fears was not getting a rep or being able to complete something. And I realized 1. Its not the end of the world and no one will think any less of me and 2. Sometimes you get it, sometimes you don’t haha. You can always try again (I got to end this soon before this gets any cornier) I also learned that mental toughness, in general - not necessarily just in a competition setting, is vital to my progress on this journey. In the first competition there were a lot of “I cants” in my head and by the fourth week that totally shifted for me and I started doing better! I can even see the shift in my workouts during the week.

Overall I can’t thank Kara and the team enough for letting me join them in this competition. If you’re thinking about doing something like this I couldn’t recommend it enough! It definitely pushed me harder than I would have pushed myself these last couple of months.

And again, a huge thank you to you guys at Humble Beast!

I am so very proud of this CAL team and what they are challenging themselves to do!  Keep up the motivating and great work guys/gals!!!