May Motivation: It Matters More What You Tell Yourself

Let’s talk motivation! How can we as a gym best motivate each other? Many of you may have noticed, simply by coming, that you are 1.) in a way, self-motivated to get to the gym, but then once here, the group/class will 2) tend to push you a little harder than you would have pushed yourself without them. That is a good thing and a good reflection to make. Exercise and the decision-making process in general, feels more autonomous when the individual is involved in a group atmosphere (Murcia et al., 2008). Meaning, that “push” the class gave you really did come from within. You just aren’t giving yourself enough credit for it, and that’s because the mind associates autonomy through being part of a group. It’s true! At least per some unbiased science. This means, you can and should use a healthy/positive group environment when making other potential life decisions.