Goals Board

2019 Humble Beast CrossFit Member Goals

Before you gasp and think to yourself, “Oh man, here comes another year of trying to set some seemingly unrealistic ‘goal’ I will potentially never achieve…” STOP and take a deep breath. We at Humble Beast CrossFit are here to help you with a couple things in the 2019 goals board setting process. First off, we want to start adopting the principle/s of short-term goal setting. This means we will help each other make short (1-3 month) goals; multiple ones, so that we can better have our eyes set on more tangible goals.

2018 Humble Beast CrossFit Member Goals

Whether members, interested members, or drop-ins come to Humble Beast CrossFit, we always notice they stop to look at our goals board. A few things happen when people see the goals board. We noticed that they, 1. Make a connection between a member they know and the goal that member is striving to achieve, and 2. They find motivation to choose a goal of their own.

June Goals: Hard Work and Success from Beginning to End

Six months ago, many of us set goals for the goals board. Some of you set one year goals and some set shorter term goals. Either way, it was something you had to ponder, and through a clever blog post, you were all well on your way, i.e. picture taken and goals posted! Here we are six months later, and some of you are well on your way to achieving your goals. Some of you surpassed it (and need to set a new one), and some of you are thinking you set out for something too high and nearly impossible.  

2017 Humble Beast CrossFit Member Goals

We ended the 2016 year with 21 polaroids on the goal board. The goals board contains photos of our members who have publicly proclaimed specific goals they were going to strive to achieve in 2016. Why did they feel the need to announce these goals publicly? Aside from Coach Jeff forcing them to: accountability.

When people come into Humble Beast CrossFit, whether they are members, interested members, drop-ins, or just visitors, they always stop t look at the goals board. A few things happen when people see the goals board. We have noticed that they 1. Make a connection between the member they see or know and the goal that member is striving to achieve, and 2. They find motivation to choose a goal of their own.

Many of you might avoid the goals board because you don't know how to go about “setting a goal.” Ask any coach, or even a member who has made a goal, to help you with yours!

Here are a couple of gym-related recommendations to help you find a goal:

1. Attendance

The goal is to attend more often. Set a goal for how many times per week/month you would like to attend. For example, if your goal is to attend the Saturday WOD more, pick Saturdays to attend yoga, the WOD or both!

2. Body Composition

The goal here is to get an actual body composition evaluation and set your sights on a realistic body composition change. Stop letting the number on the scale or how your clothes fit be your goal or measurement. Truly learn to understand body composition.

3. Strength

The goal is to pick one or two areas of your strength that you would like to realistically improve. This is something the coaches can work with you on.

4. Diet

The goal is to learn that diet means structure, NOT restriction. Understand your nutrition better and set goals to cook for yourself, limit cheat/unhealthy meals.

These are just a few suggestions for goals. No matter what goal/s you decide to choose, document your decision and hold yourself and others accountable. Remember not to set your goals or expectations too high, or more importantly, too low! Your goals board picture and description can be taken before or after class with the coach, pending their availability. This blog post is a continuation of the December motivation and accountability post. Use the goals board for motivation and to help each other with accountability.

Please note that your goals do not have to be limited to the gym. Anything you want to achieve we are here as your gym family to help in any way we can!


Our Humble Beast 2017 goal is to fill the goals board by January 31st 2017!