March Focus: The Benefits and Importance of Getting Good Sleep

Here's the scenario: It’s Friday and you can’t finish the WOD. The deadlifts feel really heavy and let’s just say you’re really glad we use spotters when benching. There could be several factors at play here that may make you feel this way. If this doesn’t sound like you, you are still able to learn and grow from this blog post; potentially have an even greater increase in performance (inside and outside of the gym).

Train Smarter, Not Harder: The Consequences of Over-Exercising

Due to the fact that I have my Master of Science degree in Human Movement (more specifically, strength and conditioning), I have to call a spade a spade, a lie a lie, and encouragement a mis-direction. I'm all for encouraging people to exercise! Yes, get your friends moving, but do not stop there! Do not simply encourage your friend who does not eat, to eat; take them to McDonald's and drop them off! Not all exercise is created equal, and too often people will reap the benefits of the initial workout regimented lifestyles. They will then become addicted to it and metaphorically overdose on it.

International No Junk Food Day


Today is International No Junk Food Day! As a gym that promotes healthy lifestyles, we want you to take the challenge to go sans junk food for ONE whole day. That's only 24 hours, folks! What is “junk food”? You define it! The goal is to be a little more mindful about what we eat for one day.

Take a photo of the healthy foods you ate and glasses of water you drank, and tag #hbdoesnojunkfood & #intlnojunkfoodday.


  • Replace a candy bar or granola bar with fresh vegetables, fruit and nuts
  • Drink water or tea/coffee instead of soda
  • Pack your own lunch or make dinner

Uber DC Health & Wellness Week


Having easy access to healthy eats and a good gym is imperative for thriving employees, and that's why we are thrilled to be a part of Uber DC's Health & Wellness week. All week long, Uber DC invited the top local businesses in the nation's capital, ranging from gyms to juiceries. This gave employees of the DC office a chance to see the variety of businesses that support health and wellness, many of which are located just footsteps from their workplace.

We were proud to expose what our gym has to offer and how it differs from other local CrossFit gyms. We currently have five Uber DC employees as Humble Beast CrossFit athletes and can't wait to convert more over to the Humble Beast philosophy!