Fall Housekeeping

As we get into the colder weather it's time to reiterate some of the gym's cleanliness/organization and policies.

New Members

We're heading into a busy season at the gym! Please do your best welcoming all the new faces to the gym. Remember, the flow of the gym is un-natural to new members, so please introduce yourself, say hi, and help them flow!

Arriving Early

Due to class sizes, the need for coaches to set up, and gym etiquette, try to keep your arrival time NO MORE than 15 minutes before the start of your selected class time. This goes for morning class arrivals as well as people wanting to stretch/cardio/cool down after your class. Your class time is 1-hour in length, so please be respectful when using the gym afterwards. Ask a coach if you are allowed to "hang" around to stretch/cardio/cool down. On days we are using the machines, those are NOT good days to elect to do "extra" cardio after your class.

Showing Up Late

Please be on time to classes. It is taxing on the coaches to repeat everything and spend time catching up latecomers. The 15-minute policy also applies to being late for class. If you’re more than 15 minutes late, take the next class. If you’re less than 15 minutes late, you have to warm up and stretch on your own and fall into class without disruption. For yoga, it is very disruptive for latecomers to drop into the class. So, PLEASE BE ON TIME or even early. The door will be locked exactly at 10am when the class starts.


The cubbies are available for temporary storage. If you have made it a home for your six protein shakers, protein bag, oly shoes, socks (clean and dirty), and sweaty neoprene sleeves, PLEASE take inventory. Please invest in a brown paper bag, plastic bag, or re-usable gym bag. Use those bags to carry your gym gear to and from the gym. We get it, you come everyday, that’s cool, feel free to let certain items collect bacteria over night, but please at the least, take them home during the weekends. We will assess the cleanliness of the cubbies and dispose of anything “unsanitary.”

Dixie Cups

We are still ordering hundreds of Dixie cups per month. This is not a complaint from the operations department, but rather a wakeup call to you guys as athletes. At a staggering three ounces, you would need to consume 10+ of those little guys filled to the brim in order of obtain proper hydration before, during, and after your workout. Do yourself, Humble Beast, and the environment a favor and invest in a water bottle. Economically solutions such as recycling a regular 20 ounce bottle would work fine so long as it does not violate our cubby storage policy. ;)  One pet-peeve of Coach Jeff's is using the fancy Olympic collar holders as cup holders. As the high quality Dixie cups start to sweat, the water absorbs into said metal and you can imagine the chemical reaction that occurs.


When showering, please remember to dry off IN the shower area. Try resisting dripping water all over the floor. If you forgetfully rinse the floor while showering or drying off, please do your best to let one of our staff members available aware so that we can clean up after you, or, if you have the time, do so yourself. ;)  In case this doesn’t go without saying, let us suggest bringing your own towel when showering. Please refrain form using 5+ hand/sweat towels to accomplish said task. If the class is busy (mainly the evening classes), please shower swiftly to free up the bathroom space for the current class.


We have two chalk buckets in the gym and both buckets are meant to stay there. The chalk itself is meant to stay in the bucket! If you do end up making a mess, please clean it up.

Clorox Wipes

We have several bottles of disinfectant wipes around the gym, including on the main room shelf and in the bathroom cabinets. Please use them if you have sweated all over a machine or made a mess in the bathroom.

Yoga & Mats

We repeat, the door will be locked at exactly 10am. Please arrive on time or up to 15 minutes early. As far as yoga mats, we have a limited number of mats so if you have one, we encourage you to bring your own and remember to take it home with you! For class WODs where you feel you need one, only use yoga mats for sit-ups IF (if and only if) you have an exposed back (ie. topless men and/or sports top wearing ladies). The yoga mats are not meant for, and were not built for mountain climbers, burpees, slam balls, etc.

Plates & Barbells

The plates and barbells are placed strategically for a reason, please return the plates and barbells back to the original storage location in which you removed them. Please try to treat the plates like you would treat something you care about.

Please take your time to read and re-read this post. The more we work as a team to follow these guidelines, the happier everyone will be in a clean and organized gym!