Humble Thanksgiving 2016

It’s that time of the year again: The holiday season! As schedules become more and more packed with commitments, let's continue to encourage each other to get into the gym when we can. Don’t be too hard on yourselves when you miss a day or two due to travel, holiday parties, etc.

Remind yourself, when traveling, the quality of the work out is far more important than the intensity. Extended periods of sitting due to flying or driving, and the lethargy that comes post-holiday dinners can make work outs feel harder. Don’t be too hard on yourselves about getting into the gym and going “HARD”. You will gain more from coming in and going light, or at a modified intensity, rather than going extra hard in the gym. Remember, the skeletal musculature has a particular response to stress. Not all stress is created equal; too much stress (unexpectedly) can do more damage than good (*cue* Coach going into a long extended physiology talk tangent).

The holiday season will last about 30-45 calendar days in length, and Humble Beast CrossFit will be open for nearly the entire holiday season! We will be here encouraging and pushing you inside the gym, so we ask that you help encourage and motivate each other outside the gym. The holiday season is an opportune time to support current relationships and build new ones!

Thank you all for the wonderful notes! We are truly thankful for each and every one of you!

Current and past members, you have made and continue to make positive influences on us. You make us better coaches, friends, and more.

In case you forgot! Our remaining holiday hours are:

THURSDAY 24th: CLOSED. Happy Thanksgiving!

FRIDAY 25th: 12pm & 5:30pm classes ONLY.