TIME for Spring at Humble Beast CrossFit

We kicked off the New Year with an evening schedule change and would like to say, thank you. You have all made the transition smooth and pain-free. That has not gone unnoticed, so again, thank you!

Next up, on March 10th is daylight savings time! Yes, another manipulation of time and yet another potential for us all struggling with timeliness. Thus, we felt it appropriate to make March’s goal/focus: TIMELINESS.


The staff at Humble Beast CrossFit strive to deliver a comprehensive experience.  From the moment you email us, to getting you into your Humble Beginnings class, to your first major PR, up to your shower, good-bye, and for some, final good-byes. One of the major focuses of this experience is the actual one-hour class you participate in. This is a reminder that every minute of the class is calculated in a physiological way. Even though some classes seem “harder” than others, rest assure that is simply a feeling. The actual physiology is matter of fact.

Think of it like the whole “cals in versus cals out” approach. Often your Apple watch, Fitbit or Whoop says you expelled more cals during one day(s) exercise. That is somewhat irrelevant. Similarly, imagine you and I both eat 500 cals: yours by way of salad and mine by way of doughnuts. Again irrelevant, but rather the process is what matters. The point here is that every class, every minute matters.

Here are three reasons you SHOULD want to be on time:

  1. You care about your own gains, or physiology with respect to the program.

  2. You respect the class members, energy and environment.

  3. You respect the coaches, their instructions and ultimately, their time.

What then, is our “late” policy? DO NOT be late! Because we (the coaches) are kind and understanding of the unavoidable, we will accommodate up to 10 minutes past the start of class. This wouldn’t be an HB style blog post if we didn’t suggest ways to help implement timeliness.

Here are a few tips to help implement timeliness:

(Please feel free to share any others you may have with us/others.)

  1. An old school watch clock/adjustment. Yes, set your watch forward 5-10 minutes.

  2. Come extra early and hit up a coffee shop. (i.e. Gregorys, Made in DC, Philz, Dolcezza, Filter, The Coffee Bar)

  3. Set alarms and reminders via your phone, Google, Alexa, etc.

  4. Buddy up and help remind each other.

  5. Adjust your schedule for another class time if the one you really like just does not work for your schedule.

Finally, exit on time. Give the next class the same time and respect you had. Be respectful to the coach and remember, if you can hear them coaching, they can hear you talking; if you can’t hear them coaching, you’re talking too loud.