Humble Beginnings is a foundational class that prepares individuals to confidently enter and advance through their classes with an understanding of the Humble Beast CrossFit program. The class will address the complex articulation of movements that are implemented on a recurring basis. Proper movement demonstration and individual assessments are made to prepare new members to move appropriately and safely in relation to their workouts. The class concludes with a metabolic threshold workout that will highlight the principles discussed during the class. This class is highly recommended for those interested in starting a Humble Beast CrossFit membership.




CrossFit is the application of constantly varied, functional movement, applied with relative intensity. All Humble Beast CrossFit workouts are based on functional movements, and these movements are best reflected in running, jumping, and lifting. 

 Our Humble Beast CrossFit classes are composed of three elements: 
1) Mobility and stability activation
2) Skill, technique, and strength movements
3) Conditioning via VO2 max and or lactate threshold training 

Each element is articulated clearly to instruct work outs and to enhance understanding and application of physical fitness. Our coaches are trained to assess, adjust, and encourage all skill levels of athletes so that individuals will reach their personal goals. 




Humble Beast Barbell Club (HBBC) trains and competes as a team in Olympic style weightlifting. We follow a strict program designed to refine technique and increase strength in the classic lifts; the snatch and the clean and jerk. The goal of the HBBC is to methodically and effectively train for personal growth as a weightlifter, to compete at USAW (United States Weightlifting) sanctioned events and to have fun doing it! The club is officially registered as Humble Beast Barbell Club via the USAW. 


- YOGA -


Yoga practice increases strength, flexibility and awareness across mental, physical and spiritual domains. Our yoga class is designed to include variations that provide a fun workout while balancing stimulation of the mind, body and spirit. Our instructors have extensive yoga training and experience, and participate in our Humble Beast CrossFit classes, therefore understand the general and specific needs of our athletes.


Humble beast Workshops




Mobility is the ability to move freely or with ease. Our mobility workshops provide education, instruction, and application of methods that increase freely moveable range of motion around your mechanical joints. Joint health is critical for all means fitness including our Strength, Conditioning and CrossFit program. The workshops are educational, fun and interactive. The workshops address a range of mobility techniques to help assess and address possible range of motion limitations.